Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Noisy Neighbors Suck

I'm so irritated that I'm pretty sure steam is coming out of my ears. My neighbors are loud. Not just any type of loud, but shrill, I've-got-to-make-my-presence-known-because-i'm-incredibly-insecure loud. I blame them and the structural shittiness of the ceiling. It's the worst when they decide to wear heels. I can not only hear where they are above me, but I can literally feel it because the whole apartment shakes. ugh. Also, the content of their blathering is pretty one note. "blah blah blah m'f'er blah shit! eff! blah aaaah!" Usually, I can just roll my eyes and get along with my day, but...

they are starting to get me so angry that I can't focus when studying. I'll turn the dvd all the way up and can still hear them. which enrages me. I'll start to google ways to handle noisy neighbors and start daydreaming of playing mean pranks on them. if only they had a lawn i could salt! just kidding. As much pleasure as i get thinking about this stuff, I'd rather just handle it the adult way. sigh. It's such a burden being mature. I've looked up the community rules and ofcourse there's a little bit about not being too noisy. I've also googled up the noise ordinance and got myself familiar with it. The next logical step would probably be the landlord, but...

The only weird thing about going to the landlord is that we think that there's a possibility that the landlord lives above us. Boy went upstairs one night last week because the noise was keeping me up and I had to get up super early. And, apparently, there she was, sitting on some dude's lap. Well, I should clarify, by landlord, I mean person in leasing office that is always there and is supposed to be in charge here. Which complicates some things.

It could be worse. Right now we only have neighbors above us and two empty apartments in our section. They could all be filled with loud, obnoxious idiots.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rejection sucks

So I've just gotten my first rejection letter from a company that I applied to about a month ago. It was one of the companies that I really wanted to work for and would have chosen over graduate school. I'm upset, but I wrote the recruiter a follow up letter and hopefully, I'll get some constructive advice back. On the upside, at least they let me know where I stand. There have been several positions that I'm almost positive that I'm no longer being considered for, but have not heard a thing.

I'm giving myself today to kind of ruminate over the situation. I've been trying to study regulation, but keep getting distracted.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Taxes and Prostitutes

So I have formulated a tentative plan of short term goals for the next year. Unfortunately, the first steps of all of them have to be started now. Plan A - Prepare taxes in the spring and hopefully get a job with either the government or top 10-20 accounting firm. Plan B - get my masters (in accounting) or MBA (in accounting or public/non profit mgmt). And the things that I'm doing no matter what - CPA. Currently, I'm studying for Regulation which consists of taxes, business law, and professional responsibilities. I've passed two parts (BEC and Audit) on the first try this past summer, but I'm a little nervous with REG because of all the minutiae (sp?). Oh well. At least I'm only working part time right now.

Oddly, I'm starting to feel pretty busy. In order to prepare taxes, I have to be registered. In order to become a registered tax preparer, I have to take classes. It doesn't matter that I've prepared taxes before (for multi-millionaire executives, btw) or taken Tax I and II. It's kind of odd, but whatevs. California's kind of odd. So I'm fulfilling this requirement by taking classes at my neighborhood Liberty Tax. HI-larious. I used to make fun of those people dressed up as Lady Lib on the side of the road advertising tax prep. I thought about going with HR Block, but heard more heinous things about them while browsing the interwebs. Anyway, my first class was last night and I wanted to die. It was the silliest class that I've ever been privy to attend. The instructor did not have an answer key to the homework and had the class vote on the correct answer. ugh. I noticed several mistakes, but did not speak up. For a reason, of course. Taking the classes that these chain tax preps offer do NOT guarantee employment. I realized that the people in these classes are unfortunately my competition to getting a paid tax preparer job. And I'd rather have a leg up on these people. I feel slightly bad, but the answer is right in front of their faces. It's probably good of me to not say anything and protect the public from people who could potentially eff with their tax returns. (You're welcome, public) Anyway, during one of the breaks, one of my "classmates" started talking about how the economy's so bad that she's thinking of prostitution. HA! What?!! WTF. And the person next to her awkwardly started joking about it with her. "Yeah! F the economy! I'm selling my body!" THEN my entrepreneurial classmate went on about how MINISTERS are the growing sector of clientele for ladies of the night. HA! ahahahahahahaha. Oh man. Wow. That is market research at its best. She then went onto explain that this sector is growing because they need the utmost discretion. Hmmmmmm. Has this woman never heard of a Tarts and Vicars party? oh well. She droned on, but I ended up just rolling my eyes and shutting her nonsense out. Even though she was annoying, she did provide me with the highpoint of my week (with the exception of getting a part time job...not prostitution. I'm not discrete enough).

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So today is the anniversary of California boy and me. And this post is in honor of him.

There's something oddly uneventful about today. Almost in a good way. Every anniversary that I've had with someone else always felt like an accomplishment as in - Whew! glad we made it another week/month/year without breaking up/arguing to death/killing each other. Where as this anniversary is calm and loving and natural. It's representative of the relationship that we have. Every day is mostly loving and very easy to be with each other. That's not to say we don't have our arguments or get irritated with each other. We do. But there's this easiness and natural-ness when I'm around him.

Oddly, we're pretty different. You know those couples that people mistake for brother and sister? We are complete opposites. Physical and otherwise. I get this feeling when people meet us for the first time, they really don't get it. He's a bit flighty and definitely more spontaneous. I like to have a plan and lists are my best friends. Not that I can't handle spontaneity, but I generally live my life as a controlled chaos. key word - controlled. Anyway, what brings us together the most is our senses of humor and the balance that we provide each other. We tend to laugh at the same things. From corny to gross out to clever and witty. We laugh a lot. I guess it just makes the hard stuff easier.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finding a job in California is NOT fun

I was incredibly lucky when I got out of school. I graduated in 2007 aka the year before the economy decided to commit suicide. I had a plan. sad, but I'm anal. After I graduated, I had one month to secure a job. I got called by most of the jobs that I applied for and within a couple weeks had two job offers.

Now I'm in California. It is perhaps the worst place to find a job with the exception of Detroit. The Washington Post did a blog this summer called Recession Road. It was great. But it scared the shit outta me. Most of the posts were downright depressing, but it offered a genuine view of how people were(are) living right now. Before moving I knew that I'd have my work cut out for me, but I'm a bright little lady with a fair amount of great things to offer a company. My past experience with job searching was such a breeze that I'm starting to get in panic mode. I've applied to numerous jobs and have only gotten a call from a temp agency. My eyes are so tired of looking at the computer and researching that I've signed up to volunteer just to get out of the house and stop thinking about how depressing the job search is going.

Today was my first day of working in California. It lasted from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm. and paid less than half of what I got at my last job. It was only for today and is so far from the work that I want to do that I'm slightly embarassed to tell people about it. But money is money, I guess.